Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Synthetic Trees? Why not plant real ones?

Theres an article at CNN.com about how scientists have developed a synthetic tree that actually absorbs 1000x more carbon than an average tree. I read the article and it seems like an interesting idea, but with the cost that goes into developing and upkeeping one of these, my guess is you could probably plant over 10,000 real trees. So...yeah.


  1. Creating a synthetic tree that absorbs CO2, is a novel idea, especially for today's world? But where is all that collected CO2 going to go? The oceans? Underground? This could potentially cause more problems.

    I think what we really need, if we are going to pursue technology such as this, is to create a "tree" that converts a percentage of CO2 into Oxygen, so that there is a correct balance of gases in the atmosphere.

    But, with all this excitement about a possible method to reduce CO2 in our atmosphere, I think people have to be reminded that we should still be doing all we can to reduce our carbon footprint.

  2. it's suggested that the CO2 will go to enhance the current production of vegetable produce. Also, alternative fuel methods could be investigated and researched to harness the CO2 for car or jet engine fuel. So get the full picture before making snap decisions.