Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Your Next Meal Could Be...Grown in a Petri Dish?

Can meat be grown in cell culture labs? This article discusses the future of genetically modified food, and whether products like chicken, beef and pork can be modified so that they are healthier to eat (imagine beef GM'ed to contain less cholesterol). The article discusses taking this idea one step further and scientists growing "meat like slurry" (Yum!) in lab like facilities instead of slaughtering animals to produce the meat, possibly so that meat producers can crack into the Vegetarian market. So what do you think? Will "meat slurry" be a future food staple? My guess is GM food producers such as AquaBounty are going to have to put some major marketing muscle behind the idea to sell it to consumers...that or at least think of a new name. [Article]

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